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Welcome to iTEKmobile

At iTEKmobile, we are focused on solutions that marry state of the art technologies together, such as in-motion, mobile satellite communication systems, a variety of imaging technologies including daylight, lowlight, no-light, light fog and inclement weather video and thermal imaging and broadband wireless technologies.

We work with maritime, oil and gas, security and other commercial industries, helping them with satellite communication, navigation, collision avoidance, security, worker, crew and passenger safety, comfort and well being. Headquartered in Houston, Texas, iTEKmobile was founded in 2000 by veterans in the technology and energy services industries to bring to market proven satellite communication and imaging technologies.

Our Goal is to provide products and services that reduce the complexity and time spent by our client s on their global in-motion satellite communication, video and thermal imaging needs and let them focus on what really matters - their core business.
Our Tools are chosen from among the best in the industry. We have spent years working with a variety of vendors, determining the best tools to use for our clients' particular applications.

Industries Served

  • Commercial and Military Maritime
  • Nuclear Power
  • LNG, Gas and Oil
  • Construction
  • Search and Rescue
  • Marine Fire Protection
  • Other High Value Assets


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