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Stephen Joss, President and CEO

Stephen Joss is the founder of iTEKmobile. Prior to iTEKmobile, Mr. Joss held senior executive positions in a number of leading energy sector services companies, including American Oilfield Divers, SonSub, Ltd., Santa Fe Underwater Services, Ltd., C.G. Doris UK, Ltd., and Northern Divers, Ltd. At American Oilfield Divers he served as vice president of technical services. A 30+ year veteran of the energy services industry, Mr. Joss has held positions from saturation diving system engineer and project manager to CEO.

Mr. Joss is also the founder and president of Kingston I-Tek Solutions, LLC, which provides project solutions, project control services, concept development and implementation in the energy services market.

Mr. Joss served in the British Royal Navy, later completing his M. Sc., Information Management from the University of Hull.


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