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Ship Security Alert System (SASS)

What does it cost your company for non-compliance with ISPS Code? Is your current shipboard security system aging or obsolete? Malfunctioning? Not able to provide any global tracking?

Following 9/11 every vessel of 500 gross registered tonnage (GRT) on international voyages must have a Ship Security Alert System (SSAS). This includes passenger ships, cargo ships, and mobile offshore drilling units as well as port facilities servicing such ships*. We help ship owners create Ship Security Plans, perform Ship Security Assessments, install Security Locks and provide Training Courses.

iTEKmobile has installed over 60 of these systems on a variety of ships throughout the world.

Enter the MA500 Seaguard Alert Power Plus

The MA500 Seaguard Ship Security Alert System (SSAS) is a state of the art satellite tracking and alerting system. It offers the customer a complete solution. Instant alerting to any recipient ashore via, email, SMS, phone and fax followed by online track and trace. The MA500 allows ship operators to use a web interface to see the ships location at anytime, day or night.

Fully maritime focused
Uses the Inmarsat D+ satellite service
Global coverage
Suitable for asset tracking
Daily reports - up to 6 per day
Web based tracking
Exceeds IMO standards and complies fully with requirements of SOLAS XI-2/6
Installation and testing by our professional services team

*See International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) Amendments, Part A, 3.1.


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