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KVH Marine Mobile Satellite TV Systems

  • How much does your current TV system cost you in airtime rates?
  • Is the hardware reliable and of marine service grade?
  • Are you spending money constantly on repairs, upgrades and adjustments?
  • Does it work when you need it to?
  • Is it aging or becoming obsolete?

We offer the full line of KVH Satellite TV systems.

The KVH TracVision® M-series, the world’s most popular and powerful family of DVB®-compatible, fully stabilized marine satellite TV systems, brings you digital satellite TV entertainment, including HDTV, whether you’re at anchor or offshore. KVH’s TracVision satellite TV antenna systems offer:

  • 300+ channels of digital TV programming and commercial-free, CD-quality music via regional satellite services around the globe
  • KVH's exclusive RingFire™ antenna technology for extended coverage and unmatched reception, even in bad weather
  • Superior performance in the most demanding marine conditions
  • Easy to use, completely automatic operation
  • Award-winning reliable designs suitable for vessels from 25' and above
  • Matching domes to KVH's TracPhone® satellite phone systems for great-looking dual dome installations
  • Consultation and design services available
  • Installation, configuration and testing by our professional services team


  • Monitor world events via news feeds while ship is underway or from non-stationary platforms
  • Use reliable satellite phones, allowing crew, work staff and/or passengers to communicate with others
  • Monitor weather channels to keep abreast of conditions

TracVision Marine and Land Mobile Coverage Maps - Western Hemisphere (click to view map)

United States Canadian South American Latin America

Each footprint map indicates coverage areas based on EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power), a value representing the satellite signal strength in those areas. The higher the number: the stronger the signal.

With a minimum EIRP of 34 dBW, the TracVision M9 offers the widest coverage available. The TracVision M7 and M5 can receive signals with EIRP levels as low as 46 dBW, while the 45 cm TracVision antennas can receive signals with EIRP levels of 48 dBW or higher (In limited areas, these 45 cm systems can be reprogrammed to receive 50 dBW signals.

Many factors besides EIRP affect the ability of the user to watch TV with a given antenna size.

If you are located within a coverage area that has an EIRP equal to or greater than your antenna's rating, you should have no problem getting crystal-clear reception.

Note: If the satellite you wish to receive is not already installed in your system's satellite library, you can install it manually. Refer to your TracVision user's manual for details. The coverage maps provided above are intended as guidelines only and are subject to change without notice.

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