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KVH Marine Mobile Satellite Voice/Data/Fax/Email

  • Do you need a better way for your remote, mobile assets to communicate with each other?
  • Have you analyzed your communication costs lately?
  • Paying way to much for bandwidth or fixed assets?
  • Is the hardware reliable and of marine service grade?
  • Are you spending money constantly on repairs, upgrades and adjustments?
  • Does it work when your people need it to?
  • Is it aging or becoming obsolete?

We offer and support the full line of KVH Satellite Voice, Data, Fax and Email systems.

Stay connected even while at sea using KVH’s award-winning line of Inmarsat-compatible TracPhone systems. These fully stabilized marine satellite communication solutions keep you in touch no matter what type of vessel you have, what type of service you need, or where you cruise. KVH TracPhone systems offer:

  • Fully automatic operation and dynamic stabilization, even in the roughest seas
  • Worldwide coverage for high-speed Internet, voice, and fax services via Inmarsat, the world leader in maritime satellite communications
  • Superior performance in the most demanding marine conditions
  • No fixed monthly fees and affordable service with KVH as the provider
  • Convenient shipwide integration with PABX systems
  • Award-winning reliable designs suitable for vessels from 25' and above
  • Matching domes to KVH's TracVision® satellite TV systems for great-looking dual dome installations
  • Consultation and design services available - cost of operation comparisons
  • Installation, configuration and testing by our professional services team


  • Phone services
  • Monitor world events via Internet while ship is underway or from non-stationary platforms
  • Make digital TV programming available to work staff, crew and/or passengers
  • Upload/Download well, log or other vital data

TracPhone Satellite Coverage Maps (click to view map)

Inmarsat Atlantic Ocean, East Atlantic Ocean, West Pacific Ocean Indian Ocean

This satellite footprint information is intended as a general reference only. The satellite maps do not guarantee coverage and may change without notice. Also be aware that various conditions may cause signal quality to degrade along fringe coverage areas.

The map depicts Inmarsat’s expectations of coverage, but does not represent a guarantee of service. The availability of service at the edge of coverage areas fluctuates depending upon a variety of conditions.


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