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Ship Navigation, Situation Awareness, Safety, & Security

Thermal Sea Guard System

The Thermal Sea Guard System is a specially designed thermal and day / night video system used to help ship captains and pilots navigate and maintain situational awareness in no-light, full light, light fog and inclement weather. Thermal imaging is different from infrared, electro-optical (starlight) or other non-heat sensing imaging systems. The other systems require some form of illumination, whether is be starlight, infrared spotlights or LEDs or other light source.

Thermal imaging is a type of infrared imaging that detects radiation in the electromagnetic spectrum in a specific range, (about 900 — 14,000 nanometers or 0.9 — 14 µm (micrometers)) and produces an image. All objects generate infrared energy. By sensing differences in this energy it is possible to "see" objects with no illumination what so ever.

Our Thermal Sea Guard System is designed to be highly flexible for use just about any ship. Camera are fully marinized and available in a variety of configurations including fixed, pan only and pan and tilt. It is based on the FLIR line of thermal imaging cameras.


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